What is KlimaDAO?

Klima is protocol.

Klima is a DeFi protocol composed of multiple smart contracts on the Polygon PoS public blockchain. These smart contracts are designed to work together to form a larger protocol with the aim of growing environmental commodity markets on-chain, as a means to efficiently and transparently accelerate climate financing at a global scale.

The Klima protocol issues the $KLIMA token which is utilized by the protocol and its stakeholders to align and incentivize treasury and market development activities.

KLIMA is a token.

$KLIMA is KlimaDAO's native token; an ERC-20 token also deployed on Polygon. Every $KLIMA token is backed by at least one carbon tonne in the KlimaDAO treasury. A new $KLIMA token can only be minted by locking a tonne of digital carbon in the KlimaDAO treasury.

$KLIMA token serves as the gateway to the on-chain environmental markets, and serves multiple purposes for the DAO and its stakeholders:

  • $KLIMA provides the liquidity for on-chain markets via protocol owned liquidity.

  • $KLIMA can be staked to hedge against ecosystem inflation.

  • $KLIMA is the primary mechanism for the treasury to acquire digital carbon (referred to as “reserve assets”) and liquidity (referred to as “assets”).

  • $KLIMA can be used to redeem and retire digital carbon via the retirement aggregator and retirement bonds.

Klima is a DAO.

KlimaDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): a social coordination layer, where the success of its mission is determined by how you and other participants affect it and get involved. Its treasury, liquidity and smart contracts are controlled by its token holders and contributors. It is underpinned by its governance process, which exist to drive effective participation and engagement, priming KlimaDAO to solve precisely the type of coordination failure that has compromised our planet’s climate and ecosystems.

KlimaDAO is built for the market

Addressing coordination failure means bringing together diverse actors and enabling them to fulfil their objectives by enabling them to leverage KlimaDAO's technology and its treasury. Since launching in 2021, KlimaDAO has developed liquidity pools containing tens of millions of carbon credits, built infrastructure that makes accessing this liquidity, and developed a wealth of resources and tooling designed to enable users to participate in its mission.

Key user groups fall under five broad categories:


DCM stakeholders can leverage the DAO as a coordination engine. The journey starts with acquiring $KLIMA – as the $KLIMA token can be used to participate in KlimaDAO’s governance process, deciding on KlimaDAO’s allocation of its Treasury and its market-making capabilities. Users can navigate to the Forum, to take part in this consensus-forming process.

Governance Framework


Users can leverage KlimaDAO’s native tooling to navigate the Carbon Market (CM) and its opportunities. Users can purchase $KLIMA to access environmental assets, hold $KLIMA to offset future emissions, use $KLIMA to retire credits and drive environmental impact, and navigate the DCM using Klima Data.


With people continuing to build on top of KlimaDAO’s underlying open base layer, users can navigate their way through the different applications and DCM services available via the Ecosystem hub.

Digital Carbon


KlimaDAO’s tools enable builders to integrate digital carbon into any application: this is where you will find what you need to get started on that journey and to get support from the DAO.



The ever-growing documentation and Resources hub provides you with the content you need, whether you’re looking for expertise and insights, guidance and education, or updates and announcements.

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