Klima DAO πŸ‘‹

Klima DAO is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation for change.
Klima DAO develops infrastructure incentives that fulfill our manifesto, through primitives such as the KLIMA token.
As a matter of course, Klima DAO will solve the critical problems of the carbon markets: illiquidity, opacity and inefficiency.
In delivery of its objectives, Klima DAO will become the single biggest disruptor of the carbon markets and set a precedent for a new monetary system backed by carbon.

What is the point of Klima DAO?

Klima DAO incentivises new supply of Base Carbon Tonnes (BCT) on the blockchain through the KLIMA token.
KLIMA is the first building block for unlocking the carbon economy β€” an economy where more economic activity leads to an acceleration in planetary regeneration rather than more damage to our planet.
The KLIMA ecosystem and monetary policy are managed by the Klima DAO. This way we guarantee transparent decision making and long-term stability.
When we achieve scale, demand for BCTs via KLIMA will bridge with supply in the traditional carbon markets, enabling the market forces that we unlock to disrupt the status quo and drive change.
The point is to create a new monetary system backed by carbon, and to build an economy around it.

How do I participate in Klima DAO?

Right now:

If you are interested in helping solve climate issues through economic design and market forces, please join our discord and get involved.

In the future:

There will be two main strategies for market participants: staking and bonding. Stakers stake their KLIMA tokens in return for more KLIMA tokens, while bonders provide LP or BCT tokens (Base Carbon Tonnes) in exchange for discounted KLIMA tokens after a fixed vesting period.
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