KLIMA is the primary currency token of KlimaDAO. Backed by carbon credits, KLIMA is the key liquidity pair for the Digital Carbon Market.


sKLIMA is the staked form of KLIMA. This allows stakers to gain rebasing rewards.


wsKLIMA is the wrapped, staked version of KLIMA. This allows you to get the rebasing rewards of sKLIMA, while having a static balance in your wallet.


aKLIMA was Alpha KLIMA, and was given to the LBP participants. This was migrated 1:1 to KLIMA once the protocol was live.


alKlima is Alchemist KLIMA, and was given to users participating in interim Crucible staking program for aKLIMA. This was traded 1:1 to KLIMA once the protocol was live.


pKLIMA is a supply-vested KLIMA derivative token given to stakeholders, advisors, core team, and the DAO. It gives the holder the option to mint KLIMA by burning pKLIMA and providing the intrinsic value of KLIMA. For example, an investor would provide 1 BCT and 1 pKLIMA to mint 1 KLIMA.

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