Data Sources

Subgraphs and other data sources relevant to the KlimaDAO ecosystem

Official Subgraphs

Ecosystem Subgraphs

​GitHub repo​

​Protocol Metrics​

General metrics concerning the KlimaDAO protocol and treasury


Detailed metrics on bonding activity


Metrics concerning existing KLIMA token supply locked in another contract, either temporarily or permanently

​User Carbon​

Metrics on addresses that have interacted with tokenized carbon credits supported by the KlimaDAO ecosystem, most notably balances over time


Metrics on swap activity of tokenized carbon credits: prices, volumes, slippage, etc.

Bridged Carbon Subgraphs

​GitHub repo​
Detailed data on carbon credits tokenized onto the Polygon blockchain
Detailed data on carbon credits tokenized onto the Ethereum L1 blockchain

Off-Chain Carbon Registries


Gold Standard

American Carbon Registry (ACR)

Climate Action Reserve (CAR)

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

World Bank Climate Warehouse

Still under development, it is currently running as a Proof-of-Concept on Chia Network: https://app.climatewarehouse.chia.net/#/projects​