Data Sources

Subgraphs and other data sources relevant to the KlimaDAO ecosystem

Official Subgraphs

Ecosystem Subgraphs

GitHub repo

General metrics concerning the KlimaDAO protocol and treasury

Metrics concerning existing KLIMA token supply locked in another contract, either temporarily or permanently

Metrics on addresses that have interacted with tokenized carbon credits supported by the KlimaDAO ecosystem, most notably balances over time

Metrics on swap activity of tokenized carbon credits: prices, volumes, slippage, etc.

Bridged Carbon Subgraphs

GitHub repo

Detailed data on carbon credits tokenized onto the Polygon blockchain

Detailed data on carbon credits tokenized onto the Ethereum L1 blockchain

Off-Chain Carbon Registries


Verified Carbon Units:

Gold Standard

Credit blocks:

Registered projects:

American Carbon Registry (ACR)

Registry Reports:

Retired Credits Report:

Climate Action Reserve (CAR)

Public Registry:

Retired Offset Credits:

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)


Cancelled CERs:

World Bank Climate Warehouse

Envisioned to be a global resource for all carbon credit and allowance programs.

Still under development, it is currently running as a Proof-of-Concept on Chia Network:

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