Organizational Structure

Even decentralized autonomous organizations need an org chart
Layers of KlimaDAO Participation

Organs of the DAO

  • Core Team: key contributors most of whom have been working on KlimaDAO since before launch. Establishes strategic vision and provide expert input on carbon markets and DeFi. Guides the DAO's decentralization plan and ensures functional teams are aligned on priorities, collaborate productively, and deliver on their objectives.
    • NOTE: a subset of the Core Team hold signing keys for the multisigs that control the DAO wallet, treasury, and policy parameters.
  • Functional Stewards: Responsible for interfacing with the Core Team to translate strategic vision into actionable projects and work streams; and working with internal and external contributors to execute projects and work streams against proposed budgets, timelines and quality expectations. Some Functional Stewards also happen to be Core Team members.
  • Policy Team: responsible for economic modeling and formulating monetary policy. Includes members from Core and Council, as well as Policy department contributors.
  • Internal Contributors: full members of a DAO functional team, who have applied and been tapped in by a Functional Steward.
  • External Contributors:
    • Bounty Contributor: Bounty Hunters who have previously completed bounties, and have been accepted to work on a specific functional team. As known valuable contributors, Bounty Contributors are granted greater access to internal DAO communications - but with compensation limited to completion of published bounties as available.*
    • Third-Party Contractors: should the need arise, the DAO may contract with third parties for specific services. For example, a PR agency.
  • Bounty Hunter: all applicants to be a DAO contributor automatically become Bounty Hunters. Bounty Hunters have access to the internal DAO bounty board, and are welcome to contribute to small projects and complete bounties without guaranteed compensation* - until a department has the resources to tap them in as a Bounty Contributor or Internal Contributor.
  • Token Holders: core stakeholders of KlimaDAO, our Klimate community plays a critical role supporting the protocol’s growth and engaging in the governance process via discussion and voting.
  • Partners: organizations who have established a relationship with KlimaDAO. Some Partners utilize our products and/or hold KLIMA on their balance sheets; some also contribute on joint initiatives.
*NOTE: By default, bounties will only be available to licensed Bounty Hunters who have applied to work on a bounty and been assigned that bounty by a Functional Steward. However, some bounties may be available to community members who have not been tapped in, and will be flagged as such. For example, the standing bug bounty for exploits that place funds at risk is available to any community member who follows the documented procedure for claiming that bounty.

Internal DAO Teams

  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Policy & Treasury
  • Partnerships
  • Marketing
  • Creative
  • Community