Organizational Structure

Even decentralized autonomous organizations need an org chart
Layers of KlimaDAO Participation

Organs of the DAO

  • Core Team: key contributors most of whom have been working on KlimaDAO since before launch. Establishes strategic vision and provide expert input on carbon markets and DeFi. Guides the DAO's decentralization plan and ensures functional teams are aligned on priorities, collaborate productively, and deliver on their objectives.
    • NOTE: a subset of the Core Team hold signing keys for the multisigs that control the DAO wallet, treasury, and policy parameters.
  • Functional Stewards: Responsible for interfacing with the Core Team to translate strategic vision into actionable projects and work streams; and working with internal and external contributors to execute projects and work streams against proposed budgets, timelines and quality expectations. Some Functional Stewards also happen to be Core Team members.
  • Policy Team: responsible for economic modeling and formulating monetary policy. Includes members from Core and Council, as well as Policy department contributors.
  • Internal Contributors: full members of a DAO functional team, who have applied and been tapped in by a Functional Steward.
  • External Contributors:
    • Bounty Contributor: Bounty Hunters who have previously completed bounties, and have been accepted to work on a specific functional team. As known valuable contributors, Bounty Contributors are granted greater access to internal DAO communications - but with compensation limited to completion of published bounties as available.*
    • Third-Party Contractors: should the need arise, the DAO may contract with third parties for specific services. For example, a PR agency.
  • Bounty Hunter: all applicants to be a DAO contributor automatically become Bounty Hunters. Bounty Hunters have access to the internal DAO bounty board, and are welcome to contribute to small projects and complete bounties without guaranteed compensation* - until a department has the resources to tap them in as a Bounty Contributor or Internal Contributor.
  • Token Holders: core stakeholders of KlimaDAO, our Klimate community plays a critical role supporting the protocol’s growth and engaging in the governance process via discussion and voting.
  • Partners: organizations who have established a relationship with KlimaDAO. Some Partners utilize our products and/or hold KLIMA on their balance sheets; some also contribute on joint initiatives.
*NOTE: By default, bounties will only be available to licensed Bounty Hunters who have applied to work on a bounty and been assigned that bounty by a Functional Steward. However, some bounties may be available to community members who have not been tapped in, and will be flagged as such. For example, the standing bug bounty for exploits that place funds at risk is available to any community member who follows the documented procedure for claiming that bounty.

Functional Teams

The core functions of the DAO's operations are carried out by a series of functionally-aligned teams, each led by a Functional Steward.
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Creative
  • Community
  • Operations
  • Policy
  • Solutions

Functional Steward Roles & Responsibilities

This section outlines the specific roles and responsibilities expected of each Functional Steward, as well as the current holder of each stewardship.
In addition to the specific expectations outlined below, ALL Functional Stewards are expected to:
  1. 1.
    Coordinate with Operations to ensure each contributor aligned with their function is properly compensated each month
  2. 2.
    Attend recurring Core & Stewards meetings

Product (current holder: Jabby)

  • Contribute to product strategy and north star metrics.
  • Iterate and operationalize product discovery processes to evaluate value, viability, useability, and feasibility risks and create better “bets”.
  • Update the product roadmap based on user and business needs while managing delivery expectations.
  • In collaboration with the UX designer(s), develop customer feedback loops to understand user needs and requirements.
  • Work with cross-functional teams to develop product requirements documentation that captures diverse inputs from multiple stakeholders.
  • Conduct market research and competitor analysis to inform product direction and strategy.
  • Use quantitative and qualitative data to support product “bet” hypotheses and make data-driven prioritization decisions.
  • Balance priorities, groom product backlogs, and contribute to sprint planning to provide engineering teams with a clear definition of what to build.
  • Ensure tasks in engineering workflow tools (GitHub) have JTBD requirements and acceptance criteria defined.
  • Write and maintain product-related documentation.
  • Support and contribute to quality assurance tasks to ensure high quality product releases.
  • Use various data tools to further develop the team's use of metrics and product analytics.

Marketing (current holder: Peter)

  • Responsible for marketing team personnel, KPIs and deliverables.
  • Development of KlimaDAO’s marketing channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, YouTube).
  • Planning and execution of KlimaDAO's marketing budget & communications strategy.
  • Administer first-party content streams, such as the static website content, blog, weekly update and monthly newsletter.
  • Liaison with Core Team and DAO departments to ensure strategic priorities and milestones are marketed in a timely manner.

Creative (current holder: Onyxmony)

  • Lead all areas of creative department — examine each project brief and its contents to determine the readiness for production, occasional involvement in brainstorming for high impact projects, keeping track of idea conception and overall execution.
  • Translating marketing objectives into clear creative strategies/ objectives and directions.
  • Liaise with other departments to assure the project brief is on time and according to the standards required.
  • Lead and direct the creative team in the production of all marketing collateral
  • Ensure the quality of visual communication and brand standards
  • Define, review, oversee and assist in other creatives to ensure quality and communication consistent with the brief and KlimaDAO brand guide.
  • Meet with partners, core, or external agency, if and when needed to present creative strategies and solutions
  • Drive the development of user-friendliness, accessibility and plain language in all outputs.
  • Overall push for creative-driven problem solving regarding any creative task.
  • Review work, troubleshoot and provide feedback to the creative team
  • Onboard new creative members and train skills where need be.

Community (current holder: Reikuman)

  • Organize moderators to effectively facilitate community discussion and provide support to users.
  • Administer Discord and other community channels like Telegram (excluding official marketing channels such as Twitter).
  • Identify opportunities to increase community engagement and administer community reward programs such as POAPs.
  • Institute practices & processes that inform the community and promote the safety of community members from potential risk.
  • Coordinate with partners and other KlimaDAO teams to support community initiatives.

Operations (current holder: Hugh)

  • Develop monthly finance reports to assess the state of business performance.
  • Develop periodic budgets by bringing together inputs from across the DAO.
  • Process monthly payroll and expense reimbursement for all DAO contributors.
  • Develop and maintain internal policies and processes (e.g. onboarding and offboarding, time-off, event attendance).
  • Administer subscriptions and permissions for key systems, like Hubspot, Notion and Discord.
  • Support strategic planning process.
  • Develop and support automation activities leveraging our various tools, including Hubspot and Notion to increase operational efficiencies across the organization.

Policy (current holder: Optima)

  • Organize regular cadence of meetings and policy updates.
  • Shepherd proposals through the governance process, tracking proposals through their lifecycle and ensuring open proposals are either advanced, refined or rejected.
  • Coordinate with Operations, Marketing and Solutions to ensure the protocol’s evolution addresses user needs and organizational priorities.
  • Supervise modeling of protocol dynamics, as well as performance of the treasury and the DAO, to inform policy decisions and assist other departments (especially Solutions and Ops) with optimizing performance.

Solutions (current holder: Liam)

  • Ensure that best practice sales processes and data hygiene in the CRM provides excellent client interactions that lead to conversions and attainment of retirement volume targets.
  • Coordinate production of high quality sales collateral (e.g. pitch decks, one-pagers), coordinate data for best practice and sales enablement.
  • Capture and provide client quotes and feedback reports to product team to provide more data for their feature rationalization processes.
  • Design and implement sales campaigns and processes and organize account based territories, providing clear reporting of performance and areas for improvement.
  • Coach and support sales team members and provide assistance on important deals, team administration, 1:1’s and pipeline management.
  • Work hands on with strategic accounts to inform new solutions which increase total addressable market.