Integration Examples

Reference implementations demonstrating integration of KLIMA, tokenized carbon, or tools developed by KlimaDAO contributors.

Current state: live in production

Developed by Offsetra, brought user-friendly carbon emissions calculation to the Ethereum L1 blockchain, but originally the only way to source credits to compensate for your emissions was through an off-chain retailer.

Now, with the emergence of the tokenized carbon ecosystem, the end page of the calculation process offers users the ability to go directly to the KlimaDAO retirement aggregator, with their retirement details prefilled via query parameters.

SushiSwap Green Fee

Current state: Live in production

Since launch, KlimaDAO's primary DEX has been SushiSwap on Polygon. Given their public governance process, they made an obvious first partner to integrate tokenized carbon credits into the functioning of a DeFi protocol.

In June of 2022, KlimaDAO approached the SushiSwap community via their public governance forums proposing a first-of-its-kind "Green Fee" integration, where each time a user swaps, a small additional fee is added that gets swapped for carbon credits and retired on behalf of the user.

This feature has been implemented in partnership between the KlimaDAO and Sushi teams. You can follow along with the open-source code being written by KlimaDAO contributors in our contracts repo on GitHub. See this article for more information about how to use the SushiSwap Green Fee.

Lens Protocol BCT Retirement CollectModule

Current state: feature implemented, awaiting deployment by Lens Protocol team

As part of a bounty for Lens Protocol, KlimaDAO contributors built a CollectModule that allows content publishers to choose to allocate any fees generated by other users collecting their publications toward retiring tokenized carbon credits.

While the initial implementation retires credits from the BCT pool, the implementation utilizes KlimaDAO'sRetirement Aggregator V1 Contract Guide so it will be straightforward to create additional modules that retire other tokenized carbon credits, such as MCO2 or NBO. Future work on this module would extend it to allow selectively retiring a particular project from the pool dynamically (i.e. configured by the publisher using the module) - assuming the underlying Lens data model allows such dynamic configuration of modules.

Pull request implementing the BCTRetireCollectModule

Rings of Retirement

Current state: live on mainnet; detailed documentation and refreshed artwork pending

An experiment in minimalistic worldbuilding, the Rings of Retirement are a set of NFTs, with one Ring per carbon credit token supported by the KlimaDAO retirement aggregator.

Each Ring can be claimed from the current holder by any address that has retired more of the corresponding carbon credit token for that Ring than the current holder. This simple gamified element encourages users to retire carbon credits, with an increasing amount of retirements required each round to participate in the game. This regenerative mechanism contracts with the fixed (or even diminishing) amount of retirements from e.g. a corporation's net-zero pledge.

The Rings provide a concrete example of on-chain carbon game mechanics, that other builders can expand and build upon to incentivize carbon credit retirement or other regenerative activity in their creations.

Climate-Positive NFTs: CO2_Compound

Current state: live on Polygon mainnet

As part of the Klima Infinity program, KlimaDAO supports a variety of climate-positive NFT strategies.

One in particular is exceedingly elegant and demonstrates the utility of the KLIMA token: SVN's CO2_Compound. This piece embedded a certain amount of sKLIMA into the NFT contract itself upon deployment, but the contract has no withdrawal function, so the tokens are effectively locked inside the NFT.

Since sKLIMA accumulates a greater number of tokens over time through rebases, and since the KlimaDAO treasury will defend the intrinsic value backing each KLIMA token, as long as the KlimaDAO treasury continues to grow then the NFT supports the accrual of more and more carbon credits into the treasury, amplifying the climate-positive impact of the initial amount of KLIMA deposited into the contract.

Carbon Retirement Bin

Current state: live on Polygon mainnet

Launched at the request of BasinDAO, this contract acts as a "burn address" of sorts for carbon. The contract's sole function is to retire the carbon tokens it holds via the KlimaDAO Retirement Aggregator with the beneficiary set to a popular burn address as well as the beneficiary name and msg "0". This popular burn address was chosen over 0x0 because the safeTransfer used to send some forms of retirement certificate NFTs will cause an error.

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