Estimating Carbon Emissions

Resources for estimating carbon dioxide emissions associated with various activities

Air Travel

The most authoritative source for estimated emissions associated with commercial air travel is this calculator from ICAO:

For private air travel, emissions are substantially higher and highly dependent on the aircraft flown and number of passengers.

Personal Annual Emissions

Based on widely available statistics for many countries, it is possible for individual consumers to estimate their emissions by filling in details about their lifestyle into a form like these:

On-Chain Transactions

  • is an easy-to-use interface for estimating emission from Ethereum mainnet transactions

    • NOTE: emissions are approximately 0 since the Merge, only 800 tonnes annually for the entire network, so addresses with no pre-merge transactions will show 0 emissions

    • KlimaDAO has also developed a Dune query suitable for estimating emissions from an arbitrarily large batch of addresses, based on the same emissions estimate as here:

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