Retirement Aggregator

KlimaDAO's Retirement Aggregator acts as a convenient and powerful tool for seamlessly retiring carbon credits on the blockchain. It streamlines the process by allowing you to use your choice of payment (such as USDC or KLIMA) to purchase, redeem, and retire carbon in various ways including specific project tokens, different types of carbon pool tokens, listings on the Carbonmark marketplace, and even retirement bonds (when capacity is available).

This eliminates the need to navigate individual carbon token protocols or carbon pool mechanics and ensures accurate tracking and verification of your carbon retirement efforts. Essentially, the Retirement Aggregator simplifies carbon credit retirement for users while promoting transparency and efficiency within the KlimaDAO ecosystem.

The easiest way for the average user to try out the Retirement Aggregator is via Carbonmark. This simplifies the process even further, allowing you browse to seamlessly access the aggregator's features within a familiar user interface.

Technical details

The Retirement Aggregator is powered by a series of smart contracts on Polygon. Below are more resources to learn about the technical details of how the aggregator functions and how you can integrate it into your smart contract or application:

Source Code of smart contracts Solidity Reference documentation Developers section: Retirement

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