What is KlimaDAO?

Klima DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to drive climate action and fulfill our manifesto, via our carbon-backed, algorithmic currency- the KLIMA token.
As the protocol grows, Klima DAO will solve the critical problems of the carbon markets:
  • Illiquidity: Carbon Credits come in many different varieties; carbon brokers and middlemen are used by buyers and sellers, fragmenting the total liquidity of the market.
  • Opacity: Trades occur often behind closed doors, allowing buyers to underbuy the market.
  • Inefficiency: buying and retiring carbon credits comes with friction and barriers, by utilizing the polygon ecosystem, it removes this friction for all users.
In delivery of its objectives, Klima DAO will become the single biggest disruptor of the carbon markets and set a precedent for a new monetary system backed by carbon. Klima DAO will serve the web3 ecosystem by offering accountability for those that contribute, rewards for stakeholders, and a stake in governance for those that participate.

What is the point of Klima DAO?

1: Drive Climate Action

Klima DAO incentivizes new supply of Base Carbon Tonnes (BCT) on the blockchain through the KLIMA token. By driving demand into BCT, it incentivizes carbon offset producers to produce more carbon credits, assisting the adoption of new carbon mitigating or sequestering technology, and disincentivizes companies wanting to offset their carbon footprint with only C.Cs, and forces them to perform environmentally friendly actions.
KLIMA is the first building block for unlocking the carbon economy — an economy where more economic activity leads to an acceleration in planetary regeneration rather than more damage to our planet. Before, monetary incentives and environmental incentives aren't typically aligned.

2: Become a Carbon-Based Reserve Currency.

The KLIMA ecosystem and monetary policy are managed by the Klima DAO. This way we guarantee transparent decision making and long-term stability. In the long term, we can use this system to optimize stability, to transition to a global unit of account and medium of exchange. Currently, in the short term, we're focused on growth and wealth creation, to incentivize users to join the new wave of carbon currency.

3: Facilitate the Climate Markets.

The current carbon (and the climate in general) markets are illiquid, fragmented, inefficient, and opaque. Because of this, we feel that carbon tonnage is heavily undervalued, and is forced down because of these issues. By eliminating these issues, the true price can be achieved.

How can I help?

Currently, the KLIMA/BCT and BCT/USDC SushiSwap Pools can be used to buy KLIMA.
To stake your KLIMA, visit https://dapp.klimadao.finance/#/stake
To bond SushiSwap BCT/KLIMA LP tokens, USDC/BCT LP tokens, or naked BCT tokens, visit https://dapp.klimadao.finance/#/bonds

How do I participate in Klima DAO?

Klima DAO development: Join the Discord to become a Klimate and hear about Protocol developments. Those who wish to be involved in Protocol Governance should also join the Discord to be onboarded by a member of the team.
Participation in the carbon economy: BCTs are the underlying asset within the KlimaDAO treasury and their flow into the treasury underpins protocol growth. BCTs can be created from real-world Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) via the Toucan Protocol. Bonders provide BCT LP or BCT tokens in exchange for discounted KLIMA tokens after a fixed vesting period. Once KLIMA tokens are held, stakers stake their KLIMA tokens in return for more KLIMA tokens.

Who created Klima DAO?

Klima DAO was inspired by Olympus DAO. It was conceptualized and built by a distributed pseudo-anonymous team.

Who runs Klima DAO?

No one. Klima is DAO-governed. All decisions are formed by community members on the forum and made by KLIMA holders through snapshot voting.
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