KlimaDAO is a collective of environmentalists, developers and entrepreneurs who aim to pool their knowledge and expertise to drive change in the carbon markets, today.
KlimaDAO is building an open-source, transparent community that will leverage the power of Web3 to deliver immediate and measurable climate-positive impact.
KlimaDAO is an evolving network coordinating the delivery of climate finance toward high-impact and validated sustainability projects which produce tangible environmental benefits.

Climate change is the ultimate issue

The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.
We are on the brink of missing the opportunity to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. If we rely on the existing policy commitments of governments, we should expect temperatures to rise 3.2°C this century. People are already losing their homes and lives to the changing climate, and the rate of destruction is accelerating. We cannot wait any longer. Establishing the carbon economy is a key task. The carbon economy will internalize the true cost of carbon in every transaction, facilitate market-based instruments for its trade, and incentivize decarbonization across the economy.
Many of the carbon mitigation technologies and solutions required to decarbonise are here and commercial today, but they require investment to scale-up. There are also innovative, emerging solutions which require funding to ensure they can commercialise, penetrate the market, and begin delivering emissions abatement and reductions at scale. There are also key interventions that require a philanthropic approach to investment that may not have direct return on capital, but will be instrumental in protecting our environment and rebuilding our ecosystems to both temper the impacts of climate change, and reduce the rate of change.
KlimaDAO will provide a direct route to drive funding to these avenues of action.
Climate change is a money problem and a coordination problem. Hundreds of billions of dollars are still poured into oil and gas each year, even when viable alternatives to generate energy and produce commodities are present. There is a collective sentiment around the globe that action is required, yet we are still in stasis. To get a grip on what needs to be done, we need to address financial and organisational barriers.

The power of the blockchain is unrivaled.

To deliver the change required, we need immediate and widespread mobilisation and coordination of those who can contribute, and those who want to participate. The change needs to be managed laterally and cooperatively, rather than top-down by unaccountable "leaders."
Web3 can enable this:
  • DeFi delivers a step change in the way we collectively pool our capital to deliver impact.
  • Smart contracts disintermediate, facilitate and automate, and enable novel reward systems.
  • Web3 technologies enable coordination, collaboration and innovation, with transparency and accountability.
  • Open source software and composability enable rapid scaling of this vision.
Blockchain technology can and will open up new ways for managing our resources and collaborating across networks in the coming years. It will be the foundation for us to efficiently coordinate resources, outpace stale bureaucratic and political processes, and remove the need to jump through hoops to get exposure to the low carbon economy.


KlimaDAO will function as a bridge between Web3 and the traditional carbon offset markets, enabling flows of capital to be directed to high-impact carbon projects, that have a tangible impact on our global carbon budgets.
KlimaDAO's approach will enable us to build a climate innovation nexus that can quickly coordinate and execute high-impact sustainability initiatives, standardise best practices across the DeFi space, and grow a community of technical experts to accelerate action.
Vision without action is merely a dream. Klima DAO will grow to catalyze climate impact and manifest our vision of a more sustainable future.