Klima DAO Key Terms

Klima DAO key terms

Klima: Climate.
KLIMA: the Klima DAO token. Each KLIMA is backed by a TCO2 locked in the Klima DAO treasury. KLIMA has an intrinsic value underpinned by the cost of TCO2s. KLIMA is an ERC20 token.
TCO2: Toucan carbon tokens: TCO2 is the general term for fungible tokenized carbon offsets. When you fractionalize a BatchNFT, the ERC20 token will have TCO2- as a prefix, followed by an information-rich name that includes the registry of origin, the project, the vintage, and so on. More information on the tokenization process can be found in the Toucan docs.
Base Carbon Tonnes (BCTs): BCT is the token for the base carbon pool, which accepts any TCO2, independent of project type (e.g. forestry carbon offsets, renewable energy carbon offsets or methane capture offsets, ...). At this time, the only requirements for TCO2s to be eligible for deposit into the BCT pool are: the TCO2 is verified by Verra, and has vintage later than 2008. BCT is a Toucan Pool token, so see their documentation for more details.
Bonding: market participants can acquire KLIMA at a discounted rate in future via the bonding mechanism. The bond contract would require the user to deposit tokenised carbon tons, calculated based on the current price of KLIMA and after redeem KLIMA after a vesting period. Additionally, there will be LP-bonds (liquidity pool tokens).
Staking: market participants can lock-up their KLIMA tokens for fixed periods, to receive additional KLIMA as reward in return. This happens via a rebasing mechanism of the staked return token (sKLIMA), which can be unstaked to receive an equal amount of KLIMA.
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