Core Team Roles & Structure

Structure & Governance

KlimaDAO Core Team consists of the project’s co-founders, and individuals deemed to have the skills, delivery track record and demonstrated merit to contribute to the long-term mission and scaling-up of KlimaDAO’s product and platform.
The existing mechanism for on-boarding new members to Core is via a majority vote held by the existing Core members. The vote is an informed decision making process, with existing Core members having full insight into the prospective member’s track record - both in terms of their contributions to the DAO, and their previous experiences. The existing mechanism to relieve Core members of their duties is via a majority vote by Core team members.

Member Roles


  • Lead backend developer
  • Smart contract development & deployment
  • Coordinates with Olympus on new contract development and technical advice.
  • Sources strategic partnerships
  • Carbon market expert.


  • Lead frontend developer
  • Manages Scrum process for Engineering team
  • Supports product scoping, design feedback, UI/UX and accessibility

Chaz Schmidt

  • Community manager
  • Discord bot maintenance
  • Social media strategy and logistics
  • Smart contract development & deployment
  • DeFi domain expert - brings deep background and network from EthHub / DeFi Pulse / Index Coop
  • A public face of Core - attends conferences and other public speaking engagements to represent KlimaDAO


  • Policy Team co-steward
  • Data & Metrics contributor (Dune dashboards, Subgraphs)
  • Smart contract development & deployment
  • Financial modeling to inform Policy Team objectives


  • Carbon market expert
  • Coordinates with VCM industry groups
  • Provides strategic input re. on-chain carbon market development
  • Partnerships contributor: advises on carbon accounting methodologies, strategic partnerships & demand-side integration


  • Legal expert on DAOs and Blockchain
  • Prepares legal documents and contracts, and checks that everything is compliant
  • Provides input on decisions with legal and IRL (in real life) implications
  • Manages legal structure and oversees Legal and Ops contributors
  • Manages investor relations (VCs, angel investors, etc.)
  • Manages IRL relationships with institutional partners (exchanges, press)
  • Sources strategic partnerships
  • Helps other Core members with IRL logistics (e.g. contracts, expenses)
  • Attends meetings that require an IRL contact (meaning a contract to be signed, or something that has a legal implication)

Marcus Aurelius

  • Lead Data & Metrics developer
  • Policy Team contributor
  • Discord bot maintainer
  • Philosopher-in-Residence
  • A public face of Core - attends conferences and other public speaking engagements to represent KlimaDAO


  • Carbon market expert
  • Carbon accounting (developed in-house PoS emissions model)
  • Narrative strategist: oversees public relations and communications
  • Marketing contributor: content writer (thought leadership/protocol specifics); subject matter expert (carbon/climate topics)
  • Partnerships contributor: lead generation, carbon accounting, and strategic partnerships (especially institutions and VCM participants)

Sy Zygy

  • Coordinate closely with Partnerships and Solutions teams to align priorities
  • Product owner for Carbonmark and Klima Infinity (KI), coordinates product vision and execution with Product Functional Steward
  • A public face of Core - attends conferences and other public speaking engagements to represent KlimaDAO


Unlike other KlimaDAO contributors, Core members are not remunerated from the DAO wallet. The Core team has independent funding and a multiyear runway. If all other contributors left or the DAO wallet ran dry, the Core team would carry on with KlimaDAO's mission.