Initial Network State

Our initial goal is not to find a stable carbon price. It is to provide an intuitive way for Web3 users to engage with the carbon markets, vote on what the 'crypto-carbon' market should look like, and be rewarded for participation. Through policy and voting, the protocol will be tuned to optimize for different carbon market trends over time.
In the near-term, the main tradeoff is volatility versus stability and consistency. With volatility comes growth; this is what we want early on. Towards the middle of the century, we anticipate more stability as KLIMA approaches equilibrium with supply and demand in the carbon markets.
With tight policy, KlimaDAO should deliver on the near-term goals of reducing carbon, incentivizing participation in carbon markets, and building the infrastructure to increase liquidity and transparency in the carbon markets.
With scale, we will create a new, regenerative monetary system.
Alpha State
The initial network features the following:
  • A one-way treasury: money goes in, and is directed immediately to carbon projects.
  • The bonding contract: through which reserves of BCT, LP and KLIMA tokens are increased.
  • The staking contract: where KLIMA rewards are distributed.
On Epoch 0, the initial supply was ~251k KLIMA. ~57k came from the IDO, 133k came from the LBP, and ~81k came from the alchemist reward program.